Conference 4 of Smart Cities 2021

Future Mobility:

Movement between places in a post-COVID world

COVID-19 has had a massive impact on movement around the world, from a local to a global perspective – but it’s also given us an opportunity to reset how we think about mobility and connection.

At Future Mobility, we looked at how movement is changing in a modern, post-COVID world. We looked at what has changed over the past 12 months, and we looked more closely at what we think movement will look like in the medium term, as the world moves to a new, COVID-normal state. 


Conference Program

1:00pm: Laura Harvey, Managing Editor, Monkey Media

Welcome remarks

1:05pm: James Peet, Board Member Australian Smart Communities Association

ASCA Welcome

1:10pm: Carola Jonas, Chief Executive Officer, Everty

1:40pm: Neil Scales, Director-General, Department of Transport and Main Roads

2:15pm: Rocky Scopelliti, Futurologist and Author Australia 2030

Are you ready for a hyper-personalised world?

2:45pm: Kylie Nixon, Associate Principal, Arup

Active transport in action

3:15pm: PANEL - What will movement look like in a post-COVID world

Anna Grau, Sustainability Manager - Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Esade Creapolis

Oliver Lock, Spatial Data Scientist, UNSW, Arup, Civability

Josh Sattler, General Manager Innovation, Growth and Development Services, City of Darwin

Dr Neema Nassir, Lecturer in Transport Engineering, University of Melbourne

Moderator - Zoe Eather, Smart Community Specialist

4:00pm: Close of conference

Meet The Speakers

Rocky Scopelliti - Futurologist and Author

Speaker at Week 2 : Future Mobility

Rocky Scopelliti is a world-renowned futurologist. His pioneering behavioural economics research on the confluence of demographic change associated with Millennials and digital technology, have influenced the way we think about our social, cultural, economic and technological future.

His new book Australia 2030! Where the bloody hell are we? is a fascinating window into Australian professionals’ sentiment about the decade ahead, based on a major study conducted before and during the eye of the COVID-19 storm. His other book Youthquake 4.0 – A Whole Generation and The New Industrial Revolution has now being translated into Vietnamese, Korean, Indonesian and Chinese languages.

As a media commentator, his unique insights have featured on SKY Business News, The Australian Financial Review, ABC Radio National, The Economist, Forbes and Bloomberg. As an international keynote speaker, his presentations have captivated audiences across Asia Pacific, the USA and Europe including Mobile World Congress. As a thought-leader, over 150 boards and leadership teams, including Fortune 100 corporations, each year seek his advice on strategy.

Josh Sattler - General Manager Innovation, Growth and Development Services, City of Darwin

Speaker at Week 2 : Future Mobility

A dedicated global strategist, Joshua Sattler is an accomplished driver of economic development in destinations across Asia Pacific, the Middle East and the Americas. He has managed large global projects and operations as well as community engagement programs with impressive triple bottom-line success across multiple international accreditation platforms and frameworks.

Based on the Gold Coast since 1998, Josh is the “go-to” international executive with extensive global experience across government and private enterprise.

A globally recognised and experienced professional with many successful international partnerships developed and initiated. Focused on delivering performance in organisation and community in over 23 different countries. More recently working with the island communities through the Asia Pacific, Indian Ocean and Caribbean.

Josh is a sought after professional experienced in change management across multiple destinations. A critical enabler to this success is the embedding of triple bottom line performance, a metric Josh is very well accustomed to detail, report and improve upon for all potential clients and future employers.

Josh holds qualifications in Environmental Science, Economics and Sustainability including supply chain management from Swinburne University, Melbourne Australia.

Zoe Eather - Smart Community Specialist

Speaker at Week 2 : Future Mobility

Zoe is an engineer and a millennial with a passion for smart communities, smart cities and smart regions – not just in the big cities, but using technology and smart ways of thinking as enablers to make the places we live more accessible, liveable and sustainable for all.

Zoe keeps up-to-date with the latest trends and shares her learnings through hosting The Smart Community Podcast.

Zoe's background includes civil construction, project management, environmental engineering and advanced and emerging transport technologies. Through her boutique consultancy she offers smart community advisory services with a focus on smart mobility, smart project management, smart technology in regional communities, dealing with disruption and facilitating genuine collaboration.

Dr Neema Nassir - Lecturer in Transport Engineering, University of Melbourne

Speaker at Week 2 : Future Mobility

Dr Neema Nassir is a Lecturer in Transport Engineering and a member of the AIMES team at University of Melbourne. His research is focused on new methods to simulate, model, design and manage public transport, shared-mobility, and connected multimodal systems. He views the emergence of disruptive technologies – such as self-driving vehicles and shared and connected mobility systems – as a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to enhance the efficiency, sustainability and equity of transport systems.

Prior to joining University of Melbourne, Neema was a senior researcher at Transit Lab and Urban Mobility Lab of MIT and closely collaborated with governmental transport authorities around the world, including Transport for London, Chicago Transport Authority, and Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Carola Jonas - Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Everty

Speaker at Week 2 : Future Mobility

Carola is the CEO and founder of Everty, an electric vehicle charging network and charging station management software solution. Everty works with EV owners, businesses, utilities and other organisations to increase the uptake of EVs and making EV ownership and use easier.