Conference 1 of Smart Cities 2022

10 May Future Communities

In our first conference of the Smart Cities Summit, we explored the communities of the future.

What will be the digital hallmarks of our future cities, towns and suburbs?

How will we move around them?

How will we relate to one another?

What will be the features that define our quality of life in 2022 and beyond?


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Conference Program


Laura Harvey, Managing Editor, Council Magazine

Welcome Remarks


Simon Hunter, Executive Director, NSW Cities and Active Transport Division

Keynote Speaker

The Smart Places Action Plan: the next steps in delivering communities of the future


Brook Dixon, Managing Director, Delos Delta

The hallmarks of a modern smart city plan: how local governments can get the most out of the digital revolution


PANEL - What does it mean to be a smart city in a post-pandemic world

What does it mean to be smart post-pandemic? How can we be more resilient to disasters like pandemics, floods and bushfires, while also creating thriving, connected communities for the people who live in them?


Laura Harvey, Managing Editor, Council Magazine

Greg Curcio, Chief Customer and Transformation Officer, City of Stonnington

Michael Smit, Technical and Sustainability Manager, Kingspan

Zoe Eather, CEO, My Smart Community


Claire Chaikin-Bryan, Smart Cities Lead, Lake Macquarie City Council

The Smart Beaches Project: providing immediate, constant condition reports to the community


Diane Rutter, Partner, PwC Australia

Using smart technology to deliver on customer desires


Laura Harvey, Managing Editor, Council Magazine

Closing remarks and close of conference

Meet The Speakers