• Smart Cities is a two-day event that brings together the pillars of our cities – representatives from the buildings, roads, transport and utilities industries – to educate you on the latest developments that are making our cities smarter, and provide opportunity for collaboration to maximise the interoperability of new technologies across different industries.

The expert speaker line-up features Managing Directors, Chief Technology Officers and Product Developers within the building, construction, infrastructure, roads, transport and utility sectors, as well as digitisation experts and government representatives.


Our cities, and the way we live and move about in them, are changing. Thanks to new technologies, such as energy efficiency optimisation in buildings, interconnected transport modes and digitised utilities optimised based on actual consumption patterns, there are so many ways our cities can be smarter, better places to live.


Smart Cities 2020 is the event where you will learn about the latest technologies being deployed across all aspects of a city – from buildings to transport and utilities – and gain an understanding about how your organisation can work with other related industries to maximise the benefits for you and your customers.

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The people behind the event


Smart Cities is hosted by Monkey Media, a trade publisher and full-service marketing agency.


Monkey Media publishes Infrastructure Magazine, the infrastructure sector’s must-read publication and the title of choice for decision makers at all levels of building and construction across roads, transport, rail, airports and ports.


More than just a magazine, Infrastructure brings the whole industry together through its integrated print, digital and event channels, inspiring infrastructure professionals to learn and grow better together.

Monkey Media’s event philosophy


Unlike a typical event company, we focus only on the areas where we already have a deep knowledge and connection.

Our conference programs are put together by our knowledgeable editors with a strong emphasis on providing useful information and creating genuine discussion around topical issues.

Our events regularly attract some of the most senior executives in our target industries and are recognised by attendees as being among the very best conference and event experiences they have had.


96% of delegates that attended a recent Monkey Media event said they were satisfied/extremely satisfied.


91% of delegates that attended a recent Monkey Media event said they were likely/extremely likely to recommend our events to a friend or colleague.