Smart Cities Awards 2019: Smart City of the Year – Regional

Awarded to the regional city (under 100,000 residents) showcasing the best use and implementation of technologies and processes to enhance the overall operability and living experience within their city.

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Latrobe City Council & City of Darwin


Latrobe City Council recently constructed the largest real-time environmental monitoring network in Australia, the Latrobe Valley Intelligence Network. This comprehensive network combines bushfire ignition detection, flood level monitoring, air quality tracking and 24-hour microclimate weather monitoring, to provide real-time information to the 75,000 residents of the Latrobe Valley.

The Switching on Darwin project is focused on delivering a range of smart technologies to enhance community life and contribute to making Darwin more liveable and sustainable. It is the first component of a longer-term #SmartDarwin Strategy, delivering a range of innovative technologies to commence Darwin on its Smart City journey.



  • Southern Grampians Shire Council for their work towards building a local digital ecosystem: Leveraging the Council-provided LoRaWAN IoT network and the connectGH public WiFi solution, Southern Grampians Shire Council is building a local digital ecosystem to transform its rural community into a thriving smart connected community.
  • Broken Hill City Council for multiple projects: Broken Hill City Council is investing in technology that ranges from improving internal systems, an automated digital in/out board and ‘follow you anywhere’ telephone system, online citizen services and an app-like website, smart parking and bins, free public Wi-Fi, and solar and wind powered lighting and CCTV.