Smart Cities Awards 2019: Smart City of the Year – Metropolitan

Awarded to the metropolitan city (over 100,000 residents) showcasing the best use and implementation of technologies and processes to enhance the overall operability and living experience within their city.

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City of Newcastle & City of Prospect


City of Newcastle’s Smart City Strategy features 100+ actions, taking an interdisciplinary approach and avoiding short-termism to ensure its infrastructure is integrated and its platforms are embedded in council operations and community thinking.

The Smart City Program at the City of Prospect is based on collaboration with other Councils and the South Australian Government to maximise economic, environmental and community benefit.



  • Moreland City Councill for ‘Virtual Moreland’: Virtual Moreland seeks to leverage the emergent technologies of virtual reality, augmented reality and 3D GIS to enhance stakeholder and community engagement.
  • Lake Macquarie City Council for their workwith the University of Technology Sydney: In partnership with the University of Technology Sydney, 85 environmental sensors will be rolled out across the local government area to measure urban heat, air quality and noise, and connect to a low power public LoRaWAN network.
  • Randwick City Council for their Smart City Strategy: Randwick City Council’s Smart City Strategy identifies how councils can embrace change and leverage existing programs, partnerships and assets to plan, enhance, improve, monitor and report within a quickly changing landscape.
  • Townsville City Council for their utilisation of IoT devices: Townsville City Council, utilising IoT devices and insights gleaned from data, explored its capabilities to solve problems including monitoring temperature, electricity and security lights, water pressure, rainfall, river height, stormwater management and environmental monitoring of waterways and the Great Barrier Reef.