Smart Cities Awards 2019: Best Integration of an Individual Technology

In recognition of the best new, stand-alone technology integrated within a metropolitan or regional city.

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City of Wanneroo


For their RailSmart project: RailSmart draws upon available travel data and modelling of trends and patterns evidenced across the Perth metropolitan area and applies them to the City of Wanneroo to showcase detailed transport modelling, employment and land use trends and enables scenario modelling of potential outcomes at activity centres in the City of Wanneroo.



  • Woollahra Municipal Council for their 3D modelling platform: Woollahra Municipal Council has used the latest 3D technologies to develop a new online platform, granting the community and customers free access information on local planning projects, development approvals, applications and issues, and proposed planning changes.
  • RACV for their arevo journey planning app: Created by RACV, arevo is a smartphone app that integrates Melbourne’s public and private transport system, making it easier for Melburnians to travel where they want to go, the way they want to get there.
  • City of Brimbank for their Smart Cities Programme: The City of Brimbank’s first Smart Park, Buckingham Reserve, features an integrated suite of smart bin sensors, barbeque failure sensors, park utilisation mobotix cameras, air quality and weather stations, and facility use counters to find the “sweet spot” in asset management.
  • Sydney Metro for their Driverless train technology: Sydney Metro Northwest will feature advanced signalling technology, including Automatic Train Protection (ATP) and Automatic Train Regulation (ATR), which will control the trains, the tunnels, the tracks, the platforms, the platform screen doors and the skytrain to ensure a safe and reliable journey for customers.
  • SAGE Group for their Matilda Smart Transit Hub: Developed by SAGE Automation, Matilda – the world’s smartest transit hub – aims to bridge the gap between traditional and future transportation through real-time communication with passengers, vehicles, fleet management servers and city transport systems.